Angela Ellis » please email me at
Angela Ellis » Jamie is your last name Jacquard
Angela Ellis » Hey, Wats up?
Mo » What's up???
Smoove One » They must be if they read your rag of lies.
monkey » I came to your site accidentially, but found it very good to read. Thanks.
Jamie » How do you know my visitors are lames?
Smoove One » You have a bunch of lames that visit you here. Not sure that I want to be included.
jay » gay
jay » gay
Xample_6871 » Wassup Peeps
Dwayne Wayne » Its about time for another post, MISTER
Rod » Yo wassup
MR. Riqqi » Well, you know I love you...
JamieJ » I wonder the same thing...why waste your time
MR. riqqi » Another waste of my time...why do i even bother
JamieJ » You're welcome!
Choco » thanx smart ass
Tony » See... I ain't the only one who gets on ya ass for ya non-blogging. Blog Court is now in fuckin' session!
Dwayne Wayne » i'm the one that told him it was time for his memoir
Dwayne Wayne » been there done that
JamieJ » Exactly - it's called - E. Lynn Harris does it all the time...are you e-mailing him?
Dwayne Wayne » LIke i said punk... ur falling off.. make your readers wait
JamieJ » Watch the name calling - lol!
Dwayne Wayne » punk
JamieJ » I will probably post within the next two days - lol
Dwayne Wayne » SUP
Kassidy » Hi, found you through Tony’s site.
JamieJ » Who's online right now? REading the blog?
JamieJ » I can be's my ass! LOL
choco »
choco » Get off yo lazy ass LOL
JamieJ » Nah - not OLD's just me - wasn't supposed to happen...he was just supposed to come over and watch a harm in that...right?
Mr. Riqqi » i see u back to your OLD ways by fucking yo friends pieces....i see it is hard teach a old FAG new TRICKS
Choco » H-A-M
StrangeAppeal » Nice blog!
John » Hey boy u should at least call me sometime u must have forgotten about me.
JamieJ » Get yoru own blog bitch! Then you can make it as interesting as you'd like.
Mr. Riqqi » that sucked.......Well look who wrote it
Derek » tee hee hee...did I say empire...I meant...uh...that other carpet place...yeah that's it...that other one...please don't hit me
Introfeel » You are one funny guy. Have you ever tried going drama free? Or at least make this into a standup comedy act.
Mr. RiQQi » now 4 and 5 are kinda iffy....u actually having a job and u dating a girl are just so inconceivable...hmmmm...I'm gonna say 4
Mr. RiQQi » ok lets see.....ine is believable, cause i heard how sex with u really is.... so is number 2 cause i can see u being just that thirsty, i can also see u getting gouged in the basement of the church
Jamie » girl...what's your point?
Mr. RiQQi » this all just proves my point!
Jamie J » Ahhh, thanks a lot - at least there's one person that understands - lol!
Derek » funny....especially for leaving that nigga. I'm not a fan of feminine dudes either, if I wanted a girl I'd be wit a girl, so I can relate...nice to see u are back blogging....peace :
blkmale » mornin
DisOlBayStud » aiirght nygga got you updated!
DisOlBayStud » yo whut it do? Had to come back and show some love
Jamie »'re hilarious!!
Mr. RiQQi » Very good.....Not one "T" spilled.. I am proud of u!
brian » yo
rickyah » a bitch is what birthed u. uloose booty queen
Jamie » You need to e-mail me with your phone number -
JET 2 » Hey boy I've moved to MS, the Hub City
Jamie » Your mother's a fag!
rickyah » u fag
Jamie »'s not. It's the truth - lol
choco » :-s
choco » yo title is disgustin
Ms. Rickyah » does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
halcyon » hi there
Jamie »'re so funny! I meant to say Wednesday...
JET 2 » February 4th of '04 was a Wednesday, your title says Tuesday... Lets practice our days of the week...
JET 2 » cute buddy-
Jamie » LOL - I know the author!
JET 2 » any of yall know the author
LushLife » W'zup fam
LushLife » W'zup fam
Jamie » Thanx Max...who are you?
Max » lalalalalalala
Max » foolishness? blah!!!!! BLAH! nice cake!
Jamie » No...that hair of yours...that's foolishness!
Rickiyah » THis is foolishness
test » test
choco » sup peeps
v@|eR!e » hello, just passing through... interesting site you got here! happy holidays!
Dwayne » whats up this morning peeps
Dwayne » wassup playa playa
Dwayne » what up playa playa
CaptainSavvy » Did someone say crazy? yes yes Madness.. yes yes Manliness... Manly Men displaying their Manliness
Dwayne » morning
Dwayne » Whats up peeps
Travoy » AJ - you're crazy!
AJ » where is everyone? am i in a cyber unvierse? wowwwww!!!
AJ » hi
adrian » wassup playa
adrian » wassup playa
lydell0811 » mornin,