Entry: Bitch...you can't be serious!!! Friday, April 15, 2005

Him: So why are you waiting for me to come?
Me: I was interested in hanging out w/you before I leave
Him: Just interested enough to pay for dinner
Me: me pay for dinner for you?
Him: yes, last week we were talking about dinner
Me: come on, man - for real - what kinda person do I look like? Please tell me, why would I pay for dinner for you?
Him: You don't have to do anything for me
Him: I told you I was hungry last week and didn't have any money
Me: you're also a grown man
Him: but if you don't think enough of me to do that then you shouldn't think enough of me to invite me to your house
Me: if that's the way you feel, then cool...
Him: there for I respectfully decline your invitation
Him: goodbye
Me: I respectfully observe your decision

For the life of me...I'll never understand some niggas! On one hand, you literally have no self esteem - then on the other hand - you're arrogant. Talk about 2 plus 2 equalling 5.

I'll never understand some people. What the fuck are you possibly thinking about? You have NOTHING!!! Literally - you ask me to buy you dinner? You're older than me - and you're a grown man. Why the hell can't grown people take care of themselves...what, do I look like I give handouts? We ain't even fucking - and you want me to buy you dinner? Nigga, I don't even treat on the first date...unless I'm REALLY into you. You don't even have enough manhood to set up a decent outing so we can hang out. I will never understand some guys...OMG - grow up, get a job, and a life!

On the other hand, I know I said I was going to stop blogging until I move - but I've been moved back to blogging. Yup, so yall can stop sending them e-mails - lol.

I got some more shit to talk about - but I'll save it. I'm still sexless...well kinda - I'm trying to stay saved - but, temptation is all around me. I wonder what kinda advice Madea would give me.

Well, enjoy the weekend...I sure as hell will!


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June 15, 2011   07:43 PM PDT
It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
April 29, 2005   12:48 PM PDT
Ass backwards negroes
April 15, 2005   10:39 PM PDT
Boy...you're the same age as me!
April 15, 2005   04:33 PM PDT
That is the problem with youngsters...seeking advice and guidance from a corrupt source.

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