Entry: Call me Albe.rtina Walker... Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cuz...I'm still here! LOL - If you're not into church or gospel music, you won't get that joke.

Anyway, I'm not gone...I'm still here. Just busy as ever. Many don't know - I was officially offered the position in NJ - the pay really is lateral to what I'm already making - which provides some comfort - but, the benefits are better - especially the 8 weeks paid vacation part. Anyway - um, I officially accepted and so I'll be moving on Memorial Day Weekend...I think?!?!

I'm flying back out to secure living arrangements and take care of things on that end - so, I'm excited about this.

This means that I will not be blogging anytime too soon - maybe, who knows? My blogging will definitely become more infrequent than it is now, just cuz I'm going to be busy packing up, flying back and forth, looking for a cute mover, etc...So - I'll be back soon.


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April 10, 2012   12:42 PM PDT
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