Entry: Packing up - getting ready to go... Monday, April 04, 2005

Well, almost. So yea, I went to NJ this past weekend...such an experience.

Friday I spent time w/a pastor of a church. That was for most of the afternoon - I visited the Hudson River, saw the Manhattan sky line, saw ol' Statue of LIberty, and a few other places. Friday night I went to a youth production entitled, My World. It was good - better than I expected. It allowed teens to share a peek into their world...it was good.

Saturday I had breakfast at this little cuban spot - did another round of meeting people and spent some time w/some kids in the program. That was a good experience cuz I connected immediately w/them. Then that evening I went into manhattan - real good experience. I'm going to try to post pictures below - I said, I'll try - lol.

Um, I ended up walking through China town and Little Italy. I had a chance to see where all the boot leggers are and the stuff you can get for dirt cheap. Then I ended up seeing where they keep that good stuff in the back - it was funny. I also visited Grand Central Station as well as Ground Zero and Time Square. I was all around - lol.

While I was there...guess who I met...I met East Coast. For real, check this out - you talk to somebody for all this time and then when you actually meet someone - you're in total awe. Not that you had any preconceived notions or any expectations, but you're like - here's a dude that I've been talking to for all this time - this is how he looks in person. He was fairly attractive, someone I wouldn't mind working to keep. Anyway - so yea...that was a real good experience. We sat in his buggy of a car and chatted for about an hour or so. It felt like a hook up off the party line - lol - but it was all good.

So, I left Sunday - and now I'm back here. Funny shit though - I think ComEd screwed up my shit. Either they or someone else mixed up my meter for my electricity. I came home and my shit was cut off. So - me being the person I am, I called them - they told me the bill is $1020.00. I was outraged - I told them I lived in a 1 bedroom apartment. I faxed over all my bills and debits from my checking account...and I'm supposedly still waiting for the meter reconciliation. Well, I reconciled some shit on my own. It's called a lock cutter and a screwdriver. Needless to say, I went out to the back and cut my own shit back on!!! Yea for me...I may be going to jail though for that...so, pray for me.


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September 20, 2012   04:57 PM PDT
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April 6, 2005   06:30 PM PDT
LOL - you don't have to log on.
April 6, 2005   08:35 AM PDT
Spare us the insanity.
April 5, 2005   06:02 PM PDT
Hell, I wish you would have told me before I decided to leave - lol...I've been looking for someone to love back.
April 5, 2005   03:52 PM PDT
you can't go. cuz....I'm in love with you
April 4, 2005   07:36 PM PDT
Leaving here to run to another city is your option. Just remember, there is no place like home.

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