Entry: Sitting here...LITERALLY Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sup yall...just speaking really - that's all. I know the blog police is probably getting fed up w/my infrequent posts. LOL

I've been away kinda cuz now that I'm hourly - I've been here for all hours. Let's see - the way I look at this thing, I should pull quite a few overtime hours for a two week period - this would just about triple my normal pay. I've worked like 17 hour days, 3 days in a row. So, yea - i'm finna fall out...but hell, I'll have enough money to nurse myself back to health.

Also - what I'm trippin on is the fact that these dudes called the party line...then ended up dead. One of the dead has my exact name...my phone is still ringing off the hook making sure I'm still alive.

Here's the link...

So - other than that...that's it. My house is a mess and I'm leaving tomorrow morning - in about 24 hours. I don't have ANY clothes washed or packed. Hmmm...the caprices & whims of the youth!


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March 31, 2005   03:12 PM PST

Good luck & much success on your interview.

Lord knows how a new city (that's not advanced as Chicago) always presents a challenge to learn and manuver through.

That link was DEVASTATINGLY a shocking dose of reality.


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