Entry: Jesus wasn't in the grave... Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nope - he couldn't have been - cuz he saved the shit outta me. As you can tell from the previous post, a brotha has been going through a drought. I've been going through this drought for a significant reason...simply because I refuse to holla at someone on a sexual tip when we're not mentally intertwined...the random hook up just ain't my type of flavor. Not saying that I've never done it or I won't in the future, but right now it still leaves me a bit dissatisfied and still longing for that 'something.'

So, yea - I decide to call the party line. So, I'm talking to a few guys - and I got some numbers - gave out my number - you know how it goes. So, I talk to this one guy and he sounded full of bull shit so I gave him my number and told him if he was interested to contact me...well, he did. About five minutes later my phone rings and it's DARK.

So, we cut past the small talk and before we knew it an hour had elapsed. We talked about so much - the usual, the unusual, the between, the perimeter - lol - we discussed it all. So, we were vibing off each other's energy and we started playing a game. I found out he was an old school music buff - and well, so am I. So, he started playing music and wanted me to guess the songs. I got a few right and a few wrong. So, eventually he says, "let's do it like this - if you can't guess the next song, you have to come up here (he lived on the north side) and we can go walking on the lake front." I'm thinking to myself, fool - it's yet 32 degrees outside, you can't be serious...but he was.

So, low and behold I guess the song - and I got it wrong. I pleaded to get out of this, but he wouldn't let me. So, I prepped myself and I was in my car. Next thing you know I was getting off of Lake Shore Drive at the Wilson exit. He actually wanted to talk to me the whole time. He didn't want me to get off the phone. I thought that was wierd, but hell - I said I'd go with it.

So, I park my car and he comes down stairs. He mentioned his physical stats to me, but for some reason I forgot. Um, he was extremely attractive - he was 6'5, 190, and dark chocolate...it also helped that he must have visited the barber shop earlier that day too cuz he was neatly trimmed. So, at first glance we both nodded in approval and we were set to enjoy our evening or early morning - or whatever the fuck it was. So, he says why don't we just drive around to the lake front instead of walking. Now, I was in agreement w/that cuz it would have been too cold to be outside like that.

We ended up finding a really nice park and we sat in the car and talked - and talked - and talked. I'm not sure, but the energy was thick as hell - he was rubbing my head and our legs were touching...well, and because of my last post - of course I was feeling good as hell. So, our game actually continued. He mentioned something about him wanting me to cook him dinner. He did say that if I didn't guess the next song then I'd have to do that. So, I didn't guess the song and we laughed about that. I actually started rubbing on his leg and before you knew it he was rubbing my nipples and licking the fuck outta my ear. Remember, it had been a while for me so this was feeling good.

One thing led to another and this boy had my dick in his mouth. After that ackward moment, he gave the universal sign that it was my time to reciprocate. So, I had no problem doing the do. Again, one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen - I was completely astonished. I'm thinking to myself "why does everyone I meet have to have a big dick?" Anyway - I was sucking his dick and I was getting into it - but something clicked and I told him that this had to be the end, I was done w/this little sexual escapade.

Now, here's where it gets tricky...he tells me that I wasn't done. That scared me a little. So he literally forces me to continue to suck his dick. Then when I wouldn't - he let my seat all the way back and got on top of me on the driver's side and began to fuck my face. Now, I can't say that I wasn't enjoying this - but it was beginning to be too much for me to handle at this point. So, I tried to push him away - but he wouldn't budge. So, he kept fucking my face and luckily I knew he was about to bust. I literally pushed him back on his side of the car and he came all over himself. I was going to get pissed if he would have cum in my car on my seat or some shit like that.

He had this mad ass look on his face. I knew it was time to get him home. I dropped him off - and he said that he couldn't find my keys. He said he wanted me to get outta the car so he could look on my side. Now, this is where I've learned my lesson. I knew something was up - so I had all the windows rolled down...why I don't know. I had called my best friend who knew the universal language for "hey, I met someone off the party line and something is going wrong right now." So, I got outta the car - not until I put the car in park and took my key out of the ignition as well. When he saw this move I made - his keys appeared in his pants pocket...which was one of the first places that he originally checked. So...I'm not sure what he was up to - but at 1:30 in the morning I ain't got time to deal w/shit like that. So - he ended up leaving and I told him I'd holla at him later.

So, here I am - thankful that this situation didn't turn out worse than it was. FUnny thing though is that I was telling my friend about it - he couldn't stop laughing on the phone. He actually wanted me to tell him the story again because he said he was getting turned on. I have to mention though...now that I've replayed the story in my head, it does sound very enticing...I know...I need deliverance.

On a good note - I leave this Friday for Jersey City, NJ. I can't wait until I get back...I'll have plenty of pictures to post.


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March 28, 2005   07:23 PM PST
Well damn, I was gonna tell you that me and "C" made out in Indiana again and he let me kiss the head of his "thingy" but damn I guess a kiss on da head don't compare to face fuckin'....oh well. And YES it is 9 inches...tee hee.
He put it away though so we wouldn't fall short of our year agreement...1 more month
IM here
March 28, 2005   03:46 AM PST
Whoa...I guess your new car was ready to be snatched away! Good thinking on taking the key out the ignition and rolling down the windows. We have some thirsty people in Chicago, to say the least, and we must be careful. This is not just only concerning sexual activity. Just look at the horrible events happening in NYC with partyline hook-ups...

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