Entry: I need some... Friday, March 25, 2005

Get this - I'm still trippin...it's been a minute since I've felt the passionate touch of another man. Why am I horny as hell? I got my hair freshened up last night. The barber was rubbing oil in my head...why was that making me horny? I was rock hard while he was cutting my hair...I need to resolve this issue. I think I'm going to attempt to handle that over the weekend. I'm already going to hell, so I minus well say what I'm thinking. Jesus ain't the only thing that's going to rise on the third day...


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IM here
March 28, 2005   03:47 AM PST
I guess now you are satisfied for the moment???LOL
March 26, 2005   03:35 PM PST
No one said I didn't remember Christ. I bet he got horny too...whatcha think?
March 25, 2005   09:06 PM PST
I thought this weekend we remember the longsuffering of Jesus on this time of longsuffering. Dealing with our...sins... and our iniquity, I am sure whoever sees that temptation is overcoming, they should remember christ?
March 25, 2005   08:11 PM PST
It flew out the window with long standing...
March 25, 2005   08:01 PM PST
Whatever happened to longsuffering?

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