Thursday, March 24, 2005
Well...I finally did it!

I successfully gave birth - lol...nah, I'm just playing. Although I did over hear a conversation in the break room yesterday. This lady was talking about her first time giving birth. She said that it hurt when she pushed the baby out, but the afterbirth feels like the best orgasm one could ever have. I think I should get pregnant just to try that - lol.

Anyway - car is literally declared a complete and utter fool. For the past 3 days and even today, I have had to put my hand outside the driver's side door to hold the door closed while I drive to and from work. I've been praying the police didn't glance at me because they would have issued me a ticket. It's been a struggle and I refuse to go to a car dealership - so it was e-bay or the car auction. Yesterday, it was my first time at the was quite interesting.

They had a number of really nice cars at the auction - and surprisingly they were going for little of nothing. One lady got a 98 Mercury Mystique for $700.00 and it had like 50K miles on it. Yea, cars were going for cheap. So, I walked outside and I had to keep my focus - there were a ton of cute boys there...and since I've been in a bit of a drought (by choice!!!) my horomones have been on ten lately. Anyway, I saw a few cars. One was a 97 Eagle Premier...the same style and parts as a 97 Intrepid. It's the last year they had the old body style - anyway - that was just one of the cars - but it's the car I bid on and I bought it.

I'm going back to pick it up today. My bid was only $1700.00 - so that wasn't too bad. But after taxes and fees my tab was $2400.00 and some change. Even still - I can't complain THAT much. After all - this door closes - lol.

I'm still stacking up the dollars - I know they're going to regret giving me hourly pay instead of salary - I basically live here now. I get up every morning at 4:30 and come in - I make it here by 5:30 or 6PM and I don't leave until 6PM or later. Yup, I'm tired as hell - but that bank account of mine won't be -, that's good for me - especially w/the possible move as well.

I'm rather excited too cuz I leave next Friday for Jersey City. I'm going to be staying in Paterson - I have no idea where that is or how far it is from the rest of society - but, it'll be interesting to see. I personally have issues w/cities other than Chicago and Memphis - every other place seems to be a bit "out of touch" for me...but, hey - what else can you expect being from Chicago my ENTIRE life.

Aiight - it's early and I got some reports to least act like I'm doing some work - lol...Holla!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Lord, What are you trying to tell me...huh?

Whew, I know it's been a minute, but oh well - a nigga has been busy as hell.

Let's see - now that I'm hourly and not salary I've been given the great opportunity to continue to stack my, I worked 60 hours last week and I'm doing it again this week. Yup, that extra money looks good - even though I'm tired as hell and can't spend still looks good sitting in my account.

So much has happened last week - so much that I really can't remember. I vowed that I would write that stuff down cuz I like to refer to it for myself, but oh well...I forgot. I can say that right now, I'm laying my lazy ass in my bed typing this - and I'm sick. I think it's a cold or the flu (never knew how to tell the difference) - either way, I feel it going to stop me from working 12 hours tomorrow - oh hell no - I'll be there without any problem. I already made a trip to CVS and I'm stocked w/cold meds, BC (the best shit in the world - gets rid of your headache in less that 2 minutes), cough drops, and a few other I'm straight - oh, you know what I meant.

Oh, let's talk about my car. Now, I'm one of those people who are DEAD set against paying a car note. I simply refuse to do it - it's a trap. You buy a car at the current market value, then you pay the car note at the same market value when the car has long the time you're done paying the car off, it's worth a lot less than what you paid for it. My last car I got, I got it off ebay. I live for the shit! They even have motorist protection programs, so it becomes a bit safer in some aspects. I think I did luck up - but my car is a 94 ford t-bird. A classic! It's supercharged, v8 engine, dual exhaust - I love it. The engine runs absolutely beautifully. There's nothing internally wrong w/the's the other shit that's fucking up. Okay, like my driver's door - for like the last few months, you had to close it a certain way. Now, after months (I should have seen this coming) the door won't close at all. It won't stay closed.

Saturday, I was driving it to the auto body shop. Oh, this was some funny shit. I was holding the door closed from the outside. From someone else's view, it just looked like I was chilling while I was driving - but Lord knows, I was holding that door closed. I made a sharp right turn down one street and my door almost came flying open - whew, funny shit - for real. So, I'm thinking about this - for real. I'm thinking what do I do? Do I buy a new car? Or, just wait until I come back from New Jersey - cuz if I move over east, I hear there won't be a need for a least, that's what I'm, choices, choices, choices.

Now, onto the highlight of my weekend thus far. Dinner on Saturday! My friends and I are always up for the challenge of trying new our choice of the day was Japonais .

It was a wonderful spot. The atmosphere was really too eclectic to eat there. It was a nice mixture of french & japanese cuisine...something you'd never think to mix together. One of my friends was definitely more cultured in this area than we were, so we let him lead the chains here. He started out w/Miso - my other friend had the teryaki drummettes and I had some salad w/baby greens and a house vinagarette. The salad and chicken were delightful to say the least - that Miso soup - a damn fool. It had tofu running around in it - just wasn't my favorite choice of the night. So, onto entrees - my friend had chestnut chicken - my other friend had some kinda salmon - and I decided to go w/Kobe Prime Rib. Oh in between time we did have a round of sushi...spicy tuna, mahi mahi, etc. My first time w/that experience. Now, I'm not a fan of raw fish...I've always had it fried hard w/mild sauce or hot sauce - so this was a far reach for me - a reach that I wasn't going to try.

My other friend did try it - I watched his face the ENTIRE time as he chewed and swalloed the fish. He said it wasn't that bad, but he didn't want to try anymore. My other frined, the one who eats this shit all the time had nothing but compliments. Now, I did try the california rolls - it's vegetarian sushi - it looked bad, but guess what??? It tasted bad as well. Definitely something I won't be revisiting in this life time - sorry, but sushi and I don't mix - lol. Anyway, my entree was the highlight of the evening.

I was expecting good, but I got superior! My market priced marbled beef from Japan was excellent - for 65 dollars, it had better been - lol. Nah, but it was far more tastier than I expected - and the pomme frites where actually sweet potatoes moreso than regular russetts...a good twist onto the meal that fused the two cuisines. So, it was wonderful! This was a great experience - I think if I had a boyfriend, this would definitely be a date place where we'd go out on the town - it was worth in - except for that damn sushi - and between the three of us, our tab showed it - lol.

After dinner - that was it - my ass was at home in the bed...sleeping - tryin to get over this damn cold. Pray for me - lol...I'm suffering! I keep coughing and spitting up shit that's stuck in my throat (save all the cutty comments - know who u are).

I promise to write more...still mad @ Grayeye - but hey, I'm sure he doesn't care - lol.


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Monday, March 14, 2005
Call me Stephanie Mills...

...cuz I feel good all over! LOL - it's the song that I'm listening to right now as I type's a wonder why we don't have good ass songs like these anymore. Although, like Madea said - we do have a few...john legend, anthony hamilton, and a few others.

As you can tell...yes, I went to see Madea this past Thursday. I LOVE MADEA!!! Let me say that again - I LOVE MADEA! I've been a fan of Madea every since "I Know I've Been Changed..." I hope that one retours - see, people don't know about that play - that was before Cora and Mr. Brown even came into the video...the good shit. Anyway - the play was absolutely hilarious. I live for Madea always stopping the show telling people to get some where and sat down - lol. I also love the way Tyler talks about anybody who's up person came in super late w/a white coat on...Madea asked him why he was late - then he got smart...he actually was about to come off the stage - lol...then he read him saying he looked like the Michelin Man...some hilarious shit - the whole audience was in tears. Yea, despite Madea actually going to jail...the symbolism in family, God, and relationships were definitely there - I think despite whatever play he decides to write - it'll always focus on those three. He did say that The Family REunion was coming out in a movie...that was the best play to date - I have them all - lol - so, I can't wait to check it out!

On the personal note - I've learned some things about myself...despite the talk, I can't really back it up w/the walk. I know I mentioned about the married guy in the previous post - he's been calling me...somehow, I'm not even interested in him. I know I been horny as hell and another man's companionship would be lovely - even if it was just temporary - but for whatever reason, I'm not feeling arbitrary companionship - lol. That's a paradox for real - but, you get the damn picture. Yea, I need someone steady - but I have too high standards - well, that's what I've been told. But, I don't feel I should have to settle - and that's probably the reason I'm typing this post in my bed, on my wi-fi connection, with the pillows and an extra comforter laying to the right of me. But, well - I guess I'll deal w/what I have instead of just dealing w/anybody.

Speaking of anybody - some funny shit happened to me. Saturday I went skating w/my godmother and her grandkids. Tripped out shit!!! I was talking to my godmother when I eyed this lady - she was about 40 years old or so - had a few teenage children w/her - looked like someone my mother would hang out with...anyway - we make eye contact - simply me being nosey...and this bitch smiles at me. I immediately turn away - I'm like, "oh shit - I hope she doesn't think I like her." How about this...I look to my right and I notice she's gone - I turn around to my left - she's literally standing shoulder to should w/me - I was tickled and scared at the same time. She even spoke to me...get this - I had an old ass lady to try to holla at, why couldn't that have been a man? I wonder what God is up to sometimes - I know he's sitting back laughing hard as hell at me...I know he is!

So - saturday night I visit the spoken word cafe. Again- hot shit! I had so much fun. So, my stage name is The Church Boy - please tell me why the band immediately started playing church shouting music for about 2 minutes straight?!?! I was falling out laughing...then I told them it was my first time there - the band started playing "like a virgin" and the whole audience started singing - I was too outdone. It was a good show and I'll definitely be going back again - it'd be a nice place to kick it w/a guy too - just go and hang out and listen to some good as poetry. For was off the chain. I did a piece entitled "Uprooted..." Talks about the events that led up to me being who I am - the main event really is a series of events...and that's receiving substitute love - which in essence makes me who I am today. I'm working on a piece entitled, "The Verdict" Since, I'm the church boy, I gotta make sure I spread the good news...right? Well, this piece will be presented like I'm in court - and it'll deal w/the fact that all of us killed Jesus.

Um two other good parts to the show. 1. Phone a Friend...they stop the show and have everyone take out their cell phones - you have to call someone and from the mic, the host asks why the person ain't there - that's hilarious. Then they give everyone raflle tickets at you come in the door. 2. Ghetto Raffle...hilarious! The band plays game show music and the hosts sings, "...cuz it's the ghetto raffle." They call your number and you get some goofy shit - one lady got 1/4th container of winsheild wiper fluid - they gave away a mirror on the wall - and the bass player sang "You're my ghetto queen" to one of the other was so much fun - I'm going again.

Aiight - that was my weekend. I've been at home chilling all damn day - I'm downloading tons of music into my iPod - it's the shit by the way! Oh, good news - I'm being flown out to the east coast for the last part of the interview process of the position I want. In the process I must get a hold of East Coast...we're still on rocky terms. I called him today - I didn't get a return phone call. I miss him - a lot...but, I must be strong...pray for me.


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Thursday, March 10, 2005
Yup...still going to hell!!!

Before I get too far into the meat of the matter...lemme ask a question! Graeeye?!?! WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED???? Where's ya blog man? Look here...(using my Cuban accent) you've got some explaining to do!

Anyway - it's a brand new day and I feel brand new. I feel good! I'm back in my groove and my element fa sho! So, yea - it's a wrap w/East Coast. I was telling one of my friends about this situation - and he told me not to worry, it's his loss - not mine. I'm thinking if that's the case...then why do I miss him so damn much. Anyway - such is life.

So...I must tell about my experiences yesterday. I was calling the party line (pray for me yall, I"m addicted) well, not as addicted as my best friend - at one point he damn near criticized me for my actions using the party line, but oh - how the tables turn. Everytime I've called, I've heard his lame ass message - he even told me that he fell asleep on the party line. That's one of those tell-all signs that you're addicted. Hey, maybe I can do a top ten list one day about the reasons you know your ass is addicted...yea, I'll start working on that today.

Oh shit, I digress...anyway - so - I was at work on the party line for like 4.5 hours (I'm sure that's one of those signs that you're addicted)...and I talk to a number of people. One person in particular caught my attention - first, he sounded masculine (doesn't ALWAYS mean anything, but gives you about a 75% chance of correctly sizing up someone)...then he sounded agressive (again, doesn't mean a damn thang) - but, he marketed his product effectively and drew in the! So, we're talking and he tells me "yea, I'm caramel complected (what the hell kinda word is complected?), 5'11, 185, bald, attractive, blah, blah, blah." That's all I needed to hear - so I was geeked! Anyway - we chatted for a bit - he was on his way to lunch. We chatted on his breaks and even for his whole lunch hour. I think I talked to literally 15 other people (I got that touch) and I got like 10 numbers...some seemed interesting, some I don't even remember, some I will never speak with again...who knows.

Anyway, so that was that - we planned to meet THAT DAY! We were completely vibing on the phone - like for real - like beyond vibe. Oh yea, let's refer to him as'll understand why later.

Anyway, he didn't get off work until 11PM - so I had some time to kill. I made dinner plans w/my two best friends...we ended up going to the Chicago Fire House, wonderful place by the way. First, it didn't dawn on me to find out the attire for the evening - so I had on cream & brown Steve Madden's, velour jogging pants to match, and a contrasting pale forest green polo...I mean it could have worked - but it was late and I was in my lounging gear. Anyway - we go here and the ambiance speaks nothing but wealth. I was completely underdressed. One of my friends...geesh - he always has this "college grunge look" going on - he ain't but 5'9 and a good 140 - but, I still love him. So - we get our table and we're asked for our drinks.

First of all...imagine 3 obviously gay men, out for the evening, underdressed, and in an upscale place as such...ha! There's a saying, "you can take a bitch outta the ghetto - but the ghetto will always remain in the bitch." We're eating our bread and one friend orders lobster bisque...tell me why I look over and one friend has eaten all the inside of the bread w/literally a pile of crusts on his saucer. Then, why did he use a fork to get butter to put on his bread when his setting included two knives and two forks? Wait, here's the funniest part - he tells me, "Oh, I was trying to soften the butter like you did when we were at the Grand Lux Cafe." I'm thinking to myself...I only did that because they served cold butter w/our butter tonight is room temperature. Then he was like "oh...okay!" I'm telling you - I was completely outdone.

We had a good time at dinner - for real, I love kicking it w/those friends. We test the limit - we really do. We're all relatively young, but adamant about positively changing our presents to ensure the efficiency of our future. You don't find that too often. Speaking of change...we went to this restaurant - well...remind me to tell you later.

Anyway - so we said our hugs and kisses and we were off into our different directions - really good time we had. So, I get home and about 10 minutes later he calls for directions. I was sooo excited - I didn't even have a shave (if I don't have a shave, I really don't feel my best), but I still was geeked. He parked and I went down to let him in. We stared and immediately that vibe we had on the phone intensified 1000 times! We came in, I took his coat and hat, I knew he was checking me out cuz I was doing the same - and yup...I was like BINGO (the kind w/the four corners - lol). So, I put on some Neo Soul and we would talk for the next hour or so. Eventually, we kissed! I tasted that he smoked (I hate that by the way) - but I hadn't been kissed by a guy in soo long - it was something I could deal with. Yea, one thing led to another and we ended up tasting each other...literally - but, I made sure that's all we did. He said he had 10.5 inches on the phone (not that I care)...he must be a Christian, cuz he didn't lie.

Anyway - that's as far as we went sexually...but our time together was definitely well balanced. We talked about a number of things - including why we were attracted to each other. He told me the obvious, I was attractive, masculine, nice smile, white teeth, witty, intelligent, etc. (lol) - but when he told me that he felt as if we've known each other for quite some time...that's where it got tricky...I was like, "yea, this nigga has a point." It did kinda feel that way. So - he wanted me to return the favor - and I did. I told him he had this mysteriousness about himself and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Well, of course I could - but it was on his finger. He's studying to be an ordanined minister, has been married for 7 years, has two kids (2 and 7), has been bisexual for majority of his adult life, marriage is on the rocks, and longs for the touch of a man...hmm - classic story. But, he's too cute for me to pass up. I think this is just what the doctor ordered though. I can get the limited companionship I need and not have to be bogged down w/the traditional relationship, Im not sure how I feel about this just yet - but, we'll see as it progresses.

So, we're going out for dinner this weekend. Something about a favorite spot of his. I'm definitely not getting my hopes up - I'd be a fool if I did. Actually, I asked him - "let's say the stars are all aligned and we end up falling in love with each would we define that?" He tells me, "it's a matter of respect, I couldn't dare keep you from doing what you wanted to do because of my situation. But, it boils down to you not acting a fool w/me and me not acting a fool w/you....everything else will work itself out."

I took all that in...and thought to myself, "Yup, I'm going straight to hell..."

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Monday, March 07, 2005
Ahhh...Whats really going on?

What down, what down?!?!? LOL - I'm doing great - chillin, as usual. Thanks to all the damn questions I got - I will blog the answers sometime this week. And to answer your question, as they were posted I saved them and deleted the comments (I got some serious ass questiosn - lol).

I'm actually fixing a little dinner while I'm typing this. I'm having pork cutlets (pan seared and topped w/a creamy au jus) Um, a biscuit, whole sauteed green beans, and steamed new opposed to old potatoes - lol. I'm also having some kool - aid!

Anyway - weekend was nothing but great. I was in church Sunday feeling good as hell for some reason. I mean, I know church reenergizes you, but for some reason - I felt GOOD! Let's see - Friday I was talking to my boss. She's funny as hell. She cusses like a sailor - reminds me of my aunt - she smokes a cigarette every hour, has blonde hair (she's black) and she's classy as hell - tall slim lady - she's hilarious! We gagged for a hot second about work issues and we both left work together.

I went to church - we had an appreciation for all the volunteers. That was awesome - afterwards, can you believe I was in the house folding laundry. I was soooo sleepy - I think I was in the bed by like 11:30 - I don't even think I saw all of Oprah w/Tyler Perry on - anyway - that was my Friday. I was so tired. I don't know what happens...but, some people are energized Friday evening - to me - a Friday evening is just like a Tuesday evening...I be tired as fuck!

Anyway - Saturday - I had every intention on getting up to work out...but somehow Satan had my ass bound. I was in the bed until 9:45 - and I had to be at rehearsal for a play I'm in at 10:00 - but I had to go to the bank and get a cup of Ginger Peach tea - it's my new Saturday favorite. Afterwards I went for lunch @ Red Lobster - that's got to be the cheesiest seafood restaurant - lol - anyway, I came home for a nap afterwards. Then I was up for dinner w/friends - I had a good ass time.

How aboutI ran into two people that I knew - both sissies that I can't stand. I'll have to blog about that later. But fags know they can sure as hell throw some shade - why is that? Why can't sissies just say hello? Anyway...on to Saturday night.

I really dont' have much to say about it. Just can't understand what's up w/niggas!!! I'm not new to dating niggas...honestly, read some previous posts - I gots nothing but experience. But, what I can't seem to understand is male mood swings!!! Check it out - I can't deal w/that shit. Maybe cuz I never have mood swings - or if I do, then I make sure I stay alone or remove myself from harming others. Why can't other niggas do the same? In so many ways niggas w/mood swings ACT just like females - if I wanted to date a moody ass person, then I'd date a female. It's too much to deal with and I'm at the point where with all the decisions I have to make and with future that's determined by which choice I make - the last thing I wanna deal with is another dude's attitude or mood swings. I mean, I understand it comes w/the territory - I mean, that's something you deal with when you make the decision to date someone - well, maybe I need Dr. Phil - or maybe I need to pray harder - or maybe I should pray out loud - I think God can't hear me or somthing - oh, I know - I can wave a white flag...that has to mean something...doesn't it? All jokes aside, I can't and I won't. I think a pure sign of immaturity is not knowing how to funnel your feelings.

I mean come on - if I'm having a fucked up day - or I'm in a fucked up mood (which rarely happens for me), then I know how to stay outta people's way - I mean, I'll just eat lunch by myself - or I'll stay in my cubicle all day - or I won't answer my cell phone - or I'll make my status invisible on Yahoo - yea, that's what I do - but to blatantly affect someone else - especially by hanging up the phone because you're peturbed (sp) by the way someone said something and it offended you...come on - do people still do that in 2005?

Yea, I guess you can tell that I'm upset. Why?!?! Hell, I don't know - I'm over the incident - but, it just gave me another look inside the mentality of another individual - that's a part that I didn't wanna see.

Aiight - I'll blog them responses shortly.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005
Saved by a munchkin!!!

What down fools? Today was good - a good day.

Work was hectic...but, it was cool. Before I knew it, it was lunch time. I went to Fuddruckers - what an wasn't as good as the way grandma would take two handfuls of ground beef, season the hell outta it, then she's smack it on two pieces of white bread and you'd be locked up or shitting hard ass turds cuz of all that damn beef!!! Yup - it didn't even come close. was a damn good day! Yup, with me and my iPOD - today was the shit.

So - that's all I did - I'm sitting here eating some homeade lasagna - drinking grape juice - and loading John Legend's CD onto my iPOD. Um, yea - that's all - I ain't did shit.

Oh, I did work out - just came from the gym - I'm down 2 pounds...I really only wanna work on losing about another 15 or so - being 6'4" and skinny as hell ain't shit to be proud of!

Oh - more good news. East Coast and I are doing great. I find myself thinking about this fool a alot. Mind you...I've never seen a picture of him. But, we talk all the time and e-mail all the time - yea, we're growing...I guess that 'no pain, no gain' theory kinda works! We had some pain and you can definitely feel the growth from that!

Anyway - yea...that's it niggas! Oh, I know what I wanted to do - I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon. I know I ain't mentioned sex in a while...well, that's cuz a nigga ain't had none! Yea, I know - I'm being deprived...I jack off several times daily - but, is that healthy? HMmm- who knows? Well, so - I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I know I have a few visitors that come and never say a damn thang...and I have some of the faithful ones that do! Anyway, ask me some questions....anything....and I'll answer them!

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

Look at what I got!!!

Silver iPod mini

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Monday, February 28, 2005
Grime??? Am I back on it?!?!

Sup yall...things are on the up and up - it looks like and am going to be leaving - not sure how soon or where I'm going, I got some shit to sort out...but the church boi is leaving the church! Well, not really, but you get the idea.

So, today was a moderate day. Since I've been working out - my energy is back. Either that or working out does something to your mentality that it shouldn't. I got into work, did the damn thang, ate lunch, did the damn thang some more, went to the gym, now I'm here.

Interesting point though - this white girl @ my job thinks I'm gay. Well, I am - but she says because I'm not trying to holla at any other girls and I have good penmanship that I'm gay. That's funny...I know a bunch of guys that aren't trying to holla at anyone and they have nice handwriting...but they ain't gay - cuz if they was...anyway - so, she told someone her opinion who told someone else - and me being cool w/the company - it came back to me. So, we went to lunch together - and it was rough, but I acted that shit out. See, I ain't feeling her company anymore cuz she acts like we cool as fuck when we're really not...but her fiancee meets us for lunch often - his name is Matt. Now, I ain't into white meat - but this dude is hot!

Anyway, Madea should be president! 22.7 Million and number 1 in the box office is great! I'm excited for Tyler Perry! The movie was awesome - I wanna go see it again...did I mention I love Madea! She is the shit! "The way I see it, he owes you half of everything - now...which half do you want." All this, while reving up a damn chainsaw! Only Madea...

Okay, so East Coast could potentially be the one! Despite it all, we talked - hashed out our issues and for real - we are so alike in many ways. We did decide that there was really no 'real' reason for any arguments - which there wasn't. We also decided that we'd chill and continue to get to know each other...but this shit is difficult as hell for me.

Why? Well, I don't love to easily - hell, I don't like to easily either. And this dude is becoming an addiction for me. But, I've never seen him nor has he ever seen me...I don't know if we will ever see each other. He's everything I want and need - and I'm confident that I'm everything he wants and needs. Our converstions last long after we hang up.

Hell, it's like Orlando said, "When I'm away from you - I find myself thinking about you. I pray for you more than I pray for myself."

Who knows?!?! I do know that I will want more, I will need more - I will need to touch him- i'll need to feel him - I'll need to kiss him - and I'll need to make sure his fingernails ain't dirty. Whew...ain't shit like a nice looking guy w/dirty ass fingernails! That's like my #2 pet peeve behind bad ass breath!

Oh yea, remind me to tell yall about my first pedicure! The shit was funny as fuck!!!

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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Whew...yall sho' is funny!

What's up yall...I know it's been a minute...I'm sure the blog police is ready to act a fool! Anyway, I'm here - I just had a lot of shit going on!

First, there's East you think it's possible to fall in love w/someone you've never met? Maybe there was a possibility. Have you ever talked w/somebody and EVERYTHING clicked...that's what happened to us. But, I think it was just the distance that became the issue! Anyway, I have no doubt that if we were closer there'd be a possibility.

Speaking of closer...I may be moving closer to him. Well, it's still up in the air, but there's a chance here. I'm being considered for some pretty career changing positions in a few far, it's Jersey City, NJ - Pembroke Pines, FL (5 miles out of Miami), Dayton, OH - Columbus OH - or Sonoma Beach, CA. So's shaping up pretty well. I'm not getting my hopes up though, I'm just going to pace my self and make sure I make well-thought decisions.

Can you believe it? Me, the church boy going to another city...WOW!

Anyway, ain't shit been going on in my personal life. I'm still single!!! I was talking to one guy, but I had to end it. He was thug for real...I thought I'd like that - but all thugs wanna do is sit in the house and rent movies...a fool! I was like, "yea, I wanna go out and see Hitch." This nigga said nothing...I was like, "you know what, I can't take's not you - it's me!" And we talked about it. He actually said he was really feeling me, but for me, I need more...more social interaction. I'm gay - I live for that kinda stuff for God's sake! So, there is no more him.

So...what am I to do? Well, I don't know - I guess this is really a sign from God. I believe it is!

Oh, good sign - I lost 34 pounds...but I gained about 12 of them, I'm back in the gym - going 4 days a week. I gotta get this excess weight, I'm 6'4" - so I'm keeping what makes them look my way - just taking it from better!

Well, that's been one. I did wanna blog about some religious shit I talked to my friend about. This nigga tells me that being baptized in the holy spirit is a separate event from conversion. I was like WHAT?!?! Show me in scripture - he couldn't! What really got me is this dude tells me that the only way you know you have the gift of the holy spirit is if you speak in tongues. I was completely floored! I told him to check out Paul in 1st Corinthians - espeically the 12th chapter - that was his whole point when he wrote to the church @ Corinth. I'm still listen, can yall help a nigga out. Tell me...your opinion - does a person get baptized in the holy spirit at their time of conversion or later on down the road. I really would like to hear some can also e-mail me,

Posted at Thursday, February 24, 2005 by JamieJ
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Monday, February 21, 2005
What is the world coming to?

Sorry guys - I've been really busy - I'm going to post soon!


Posted at Monday, February 21, 2005 by JamieJ
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