Wednesday, April 27, 2005
I know...I know....thou shalt not steal!

I got this from someone who got it from someone - well, hey - it's called healthy recycling:

10 Things about me
I'm the biggest goof ever
I'm supposed to be a preacher
I hate road trips
I'm not a poet, I speak words...there's a difference.
I love American Idol
I must have a haircut ever week
I miss my grandmother
I can cook better than my mother
I'm 14 years clean of eating salami, bologna, and hot dogs
But, I'll fuck smokie link up!!! Oscar Mayer only!

9 Ways to win my heart
Just be you, not who you think I want you to be
Never force me to do things I don't want to do - find innovative ways to introduce them to me
Wanting to kiss and hug me "just because"
Holding me ALWAYS wins points
Not trying to kiss or have morning sex - lets take our funky asses to the bathroom first
Not letting me always have the last word
Know how to communicate effectively
Don't be stuck in complacency
Love God

8 Things I want to do before I die
Become a father (through artificial insemination of course)
Be rich
Make Pegs Cuisine a reality
Raise a family with my lover
Have national power
Be in love
Teach a theology course to a room of more than 1,000 people
Learn the piano

7 Things I believe in
The diety of God
The diety of the Holy Spirit
The diety of Jesus Christ as God's son
The inspiration of scripture
The immortality of my body
The mortality of my spirit

6 Things that get me mad
Intentional miscommunication
Inconsideration for my feelings
Gas price
Unflavored crab legs at the boat
Slow internet connections
My childhood

5 things I'm afraid of
Dying on an empty stomach
Car accidents
Becoming infected with a terminal disease

4 of my favorite items in my bedroom
My bed
My stero
My wireless internet connection for my laptop
My house plants

3 things I do every day
eat breakfast
eat lunch
eat dinner

2 things I need to do right now
eat lunch - it's 12 noon
finish writing the story of my life

1 person I want to see right now
Honestly, there are too many to decide.

Posted at Wednesday, April 27, 2005 by JamieJ
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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Chinese Men Measure Up to Others Below the Belt

LOL - I'm still not eating CHINESE FOOD!

Oddly Enough - Reuters
Chinese Men Measure Up to Others Below the Belt

26 minutes ago
Add to My Yahoo!  Oddly Enough - Reuters

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese men have no reason to feel inferior about the size of their penises, according to a Hong Kong study which showed local men measured up to others elsewhere in the world below the belt.


"Our conclusion is that Hong Kong people are no smaller than Western men, where their penises are concerned," said Chan Lung-wai, director of the Urology Center at the Union Hospital, who headed the study.

"There has always been the myth that westerners have bigger penises and their (sexual) ability is better."

A group of scientists in Hong Kong spent five months from October last year measuring 148 ethnic Chinese volunteers aged between 23 and 93.

The average length of their flaccid penises was 3.33 inches, which compared favorably with similar studies on other men overseas.

Germans have average lengths of about 3.4 inches, Israelis 3.27 inches, Turks 3.07 inches and Filippinos 2.89 inches. Italians were the longest at 3.54 inches, and Americans averaged 3.46 inches.

The study did not measure the penises when they were erect.

It found that a man's height bore no relation to the length of his member, but those with higher body mass indexes, or fat content, appeared to have shorter penises.

"It seems that as someone gets older and fatter, his blood vessels change, so the penile size is not static. It may be a reflection of the condition of the person's blood vessels," Chan said, adding that this could spur yet another study.

Posted at Thursday, April 21, 2005 by JamieJ
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Friday, April 15, 2005 can't be serious!!!

Him: So why are you waiting for me to come?
Me: I was interested in hanging out w/you before I leave
Him: Just interested enough to pay for dinner
Me: me pay for dinner for you?
Him: yes, last week we were talking about dinner
Me: come on, man - for real - what kinda person do I look like? Please tell me, why would I pay for dinner for you?
Him: You don't have to do anything for me
Him: I told you I was hungry last week and didn't have any money
Me: you're also a grown man
Him: but if you don't think enough of me to do that then you shouldn't think enough of me to invite me to your house
Me: if that's the way you feel, then cool...
Him: there for I respectfully decline your invitation
Him: goodbye
Me: I respectfully observe your decision

For the life of me...I'll never understand some niggas! On one hand, you literally have no self esteem - then on the other hand - you're arrogant. Talk about 2 plus 2 equalling 5.

I'll never understand some people. What the fuck are you possibly thinking about? You have NOTHING!!! Literally - you ask me to buy you dinner? You're older than me - and you're a grown man. Why the hell can't grown people take care of themselves...what, do I look like I give handouts? We ain't even fucking - and you want me to buy you dinner? Nigga, I don't even treat on the first date...unless I'm REALLY into you. You don't even have enough manhood to set up a decent outing so we can hang out. I will never understand some guys...OMG - grow up, get a job, and a life!

On the other hand, I know I said I was going to stop blogging until I move - but I've been moved back to blogging. Yup, so yall can stop sending them e-mails - lol.

I got some more shit to talk about - but I'll save it. I'm still sexless...well kinda - I'm trying to stay saved - but, temptation is all around me. I wonder what kinda advice Madea would give me.

Well, enjoy the weekend...I sure as hell will!

Posted at Friday, April 15, 2005 by JamieJ
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Call me Albe.rtina Walker...

Cuz...I'm still here! LOL - If you're not into church or gospel music, you won't get that joke.

Anyway, I'm not gone...I'm still here. Just busy as ever. Many don't know - I was officially offered the position in NJ - the pay really is lateral to what I'm already making - which provides some comfort - but, the benefits are better - especially the 8 weeks paid vacation part. Anyway - um, I officially accepted and so I'll be moving on Memorial Day Weekend...I think?!?!

I'm flying back out to secure living arrangements and take care of things on that end - so, I'm excited about this.

This means that I will not be blogging anytime too soon - maybe, who knows? My blogging will definitely become more infrequent than it is now, just cuz I'm going to be busy packing up, flying back and forth, looking for a cute mover, etc...So - I'll be back soon.

Posted at Tuesday, April 12, 2005 by JamieJ
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Monday, April 04, 2005
Packing up - getting ready to go...

Well, almost. So yea, I went to NJ this past weekend...such an experience.

Friday I spent time w/a pastor of a church. That was for most of the afternoon - I visited the Hudson River, saw the Manhattan sky line, saw ol' Statue of LIberty, and a few other places. Friday night I went to a youth production entitled, My World. It was good - better than I expected. It allowed teens to share a peek into their was good.

Saturday I had breakfast at this little cuban spot - did another round of meeting people and spent some time w/some kids in the program. That was a good experience cuz I connected immediately w/them. Then that evening I went into manhattan - real good experience. I'm going to try to post pictures below - I said, I'll try - lol.

Um, I ended up walking through China town and Little Italy. I had a chance to see where all the boot leggers are and the stuff you can get for dirt cheap. Then I ended up seeing where they keep that good stuff in the back - it was funny. I also visited Grand Central Station as well as Ground Zero and Time Square. I was all around - lol.

While I was there...guess who I met...I met East Coast. For real, check this out - you talk to somebody for all this time and then when you actually meet someone - you're in total awe. Not that you had any preconceived notions or any expectations, but you're like - here's a dude that I've been talking to for all this time - this is how he looks in person. He was fairly attractive, someone I wouldn't mind working to keep. Anyway - so yea...that was a real good experience. We sat in his buggy of a car and chatted for about an hour or so. It felt like a hook up off the party line - lol - but it was all good.

So, I left Sunday - and now I'm back here. Funny shit though - I think ComEd screwed up my shit. Either they or someone else mixed up my meter for my electricity. I came home and my shit was cut off. So - me being the person I am, I called them - they told me the bill is $1020.00. I was outraged - I told them I lived in a 1 bedroom apartment. I faxed over all my bills and debits from my checking account...and I'm supposedly still waiting for the meter reconciliation. Well, I reconciled some shit on my own. It's called a lock cutter and a screwdriver. Needless to say, I went out to the back and cut my own shit back on!!! Yea for me...I may be going to jail though for, pray for me.

Posted at Monday, April 04, 2005 by JamieJ
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Thursday, March 31, 2005
Sitting here...LITERALLY

Sup yall...just speaking really - that's all. I know the blog police is probably getting fed up w/my infrequent posts. LOL

I've been away kinda cuz now that I'm hourly - I've been here for all hours. Let's see - the way I look at this thing, I should pull quite a few overtime hours for a two week period - this would just about triple my normal pay. I've worked like 17 hour days, 3 days in a row. So, yea - i'm finna fall out...but hell, I'll have enough money to nurse myself back to health.

Also - what I'm trippin on is the fact that these dudes called the party line...then ended up dead. One of the dead has my exact phone is still ringing off the hook making sure I'm still alive.

Here's the link...

So - other than that...that's it. My house is a mess and I'm leaving tomorrow morning - in about 24 hours. I don't have ANY clothes washed or packed. Hmmm...the caprices & whims of the youth!

Posted at Thursday, March 31, 2005 by JamieJ
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Sunday, March 27, 2005
Jesus wasn't in the grave...

Nope - he couldn't have been - cuz he saved the shit outta me. As you can tell from the previous post, a brotha has been going through a drought. I've been going through this drought for a significant reason...simply because I refuse to holla at someone on a sexual tip when we're not mentally intertwined...the random hook up just ain't my type of flavor. Not saying that I've never done it or I won't in the future, but right now it still leaves me a bit dissatisfied and still longing for that 'something.'

So, yea - I decide to call the party line. So, I'm talking to a few guys - and I got some numbers - gave out my number - you know how it goes. So, I talk to this one guy and he sounded full of bull shit so I gave him my number and told him if he was interested to contact me...well, he did. About five minutes later my phone rings and it's DARK.

So, we cut past the small talk and before we knew it an hour had elapsed. We talked about so much - the usual, the unusual, the between, the perimeter - lol - we discussed it all. So, we were vibing off each other's energy and we started playing a game. I found out he was an old school music buff - and well, so am I. So, he started playing music and wanted me to guess the songs. I got a few right and a few wrong. So, eventually he says, "let's do it like this - if you can't guess the next song, you have to come up here (he lived on the north side) and we can go walking on the lake front." I'm thinking to myself, fool - it's yet 32 degrees outside, you can't be serious...but he was.

So, low and behold I guess the song - and I got it wrong. I pleaded to get out of this, but he wouldn't let me. So, I prepped myself and I was in my car. Next thing you know I was getting off of Lake Shore Drive at the Wilson exit. He actually wanted to talk to me the whole time. He didn't want me to get off the phone. I thought that was wierd, but hell - I said I'd go with it.

So, I park my car and he comes down stairs. He mentioned his physical stats to me, but for some reason I forgot. Um, he was extremely attractive - he was 6'5, 190, and dark also helped that he must have visited the barber shop earlier that day too cuz he was neatly trimmed. So, at first glance we both nodded in approval and we were set to enjoy our evening or early morning - or whatever the fuck it was. So, he says why don't we just drive around to the lake front instead of walking. Now, I was in agreement w/that cuz it would have been too cold to be outside like that.

We ended up finding a really nice park and we sat in the car and talked - and talked - and talked. I'm not sure, but the energy was thick as hell - he was rubbing my head and our legs were touching...well, and because of my last post - of course I was feeling good as hell. So, our game actually continued. He mentioned something about him wanting me to cook him dinner. He did say that if I didn't guess the next song then I'd have to do that. So, I didn't guess the song and we laughed about that. I actually started rubbing on his leg and before you knew it he was rubbing my nipples and licking the fuck outta my ear. Remember, it had been a while for me so this was feeling good.

One thing led to another and this boy had my dick in his mouth. After that ackward moment, he gave the universal sign that it was my time to reciprocate. So, I had no problem doing the do. Again, one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen - I was completely astonished. I'm thinking to myself "why does everyone I meet have to have a big dick?" Anyway - I was sucking his dick and I was getting into it - but something clicked and I told him that this had to be the end, I was done w/this little sexual escapade.

Now, here's where it gets tricky...he tells me that I wasn't done. That scared me a little. So he literally forces me to continue to suck his dick. Then when I wouldn't - he let my seat all the way back and got on top of me on the driver's side and began to fuck my face. Now, I can't say that I wasn't enjoying this - but it was beginning to be too much for me to handle at this point. So, I tried to push him away - but he wouldn't budge. So, he kept fucking my face and luckily I knew he was about to bust. I literally pushed him back on his side of the car and he came all over himself. I was going to get pissed if he would have cum in my car on my seat or some shit like that.

He had this mad ass look on his face. I knew it was time to get him home. I dropped him off - and he said that he couldn't find my keys. He said he wanted me to get outta the car so he could look on my side. Now, this is where I've learned my lesson. I knew something was up - so I had all the windows rolled down...why I don't know. I had called my best friend who knew the universal language for "hey, I met someone off the party line and something is going wrong right now." So, I got outta the car - not until I put the car in park and took my key out of the ignition as well. When he saw this move I made - his keys appeared in his pants pocket...which was one of the first places that he originally checked. So...I'm not sure what he was up to - but at 1:30 in the morning I ain't got time to deal w/shit like that. So - he ended up leaving and I told him I'd holla at him later.

So, here I am - thankful that this situation didn't turn out worse than it was. FUnny thing though is that I was telling my friend about it - he couldn't stop laughing on the phone. He actually wanted me to tell him the story again because he said he was getting turned on. I have to mention that I've replayed the story in my head, it does sound very enticing...I know...I need deliverance.

On a good note - I leave this Friday for Jersey City, NJ. I can't wait until I get back...I'll have plenty of pictures to post.

Posted at Sunday, March 27, 2005 by JamieJ
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Friday, March 25, 2005
I need some...

Get this - I'm still's been a minute since I've felt the passionate touch of another man. Why am I horny as hell? I got my hair freshened up last night. The barber was rubbing oil in my head...why was that making me horny? I was rock hard while he was cutting my hair...I need to resolve this issue. I think I'm going to attempt to handle that over the weekend. I'm already going to hell, so I minus well say what I'm thinking. Jesus ain't the only thing that's going to rise on the third day...

Posted at Friday, March 25, 2005 by JamieJ
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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Well...I finally did it!

I successfully gave birth - lol...nah, I'm just playing. Although I did over hear a conversation in the break room yesterday. This lady was talking about her first time giving birth. She said that it hurt when she pushed the baby out, but the afterbirth feels like the best orgasm one could ever have. I think I should get pregnant just to try that - lol.

Anyway - car is literally declared a complete and utter fool. For the past 3 days and even today, I have had to put my hand outside the driver's side door to hold the door closed while I drive to and from work. I've been praying the police didn't glance at me because they would have issued me a ticket. It's been a struggle and I refuse to go to a car dealership - so it was e-bay or the car auction. Yesterday, it was my first time at the was quite interesting.

They had a number of really nice cars at the auction - and surprisingly they were going for little of nothing. One lady got a 98 Mercury Mystique for $700.00 and it had like 50K miles on it. Yea, cars were going for cheap. So, I walked outside and I had to keep my focus - there were a ton of cute boys there...and since I've been in a bit of a drought (by choice!!!) my horomones have been on ten lately. Anyway, I saw a few cars. One was a 97 Eagle Premier...the same style and parts as a 97 Intrepid. It's the last year they had the old body style - anyway - that was just one of the cars - but it's the car I bid on and I bought it.

I'm going back to pick it up today. My bid was only $1700.00 - so that wasn't too bad. But after taxes and fees my tab was $2400.00 and some change. Even still - I can't complain THAT much. After all - this door closes - lol.

I'm still stacking up the dollars - I know they're going to regret giving me hourly pay instead of salary - I basically live here now. I get up every morning at 4:30 and come in - I make it here by 5:30 or 6PM and I don't leave until 6PM or later. Yup, I'm tired as hell - but that bank account of mine won't be -, that's good for me - especially w/the possible move as well.

I'm rather excited too cuz I leave next Friday for Jersey City. I'm going to be staying in Paterson - I have no idea where that is or how far it is from the rest of society - but, it'll be interesting to see. I personally have issues w/cities other than Chicago and Memphis - every other place seems to be a bit "out of touch" for me...but, hey - what else can you expect being from Chicago my ENTIRE life.

Aiight - it's early and I got some reports to least act like I'm doing some work - lol...Holla!

Posted at Thursday, March 24, 2005 by JamieJ
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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Lord, What are you trying to tell me...huh?

Whew, I know it's been a minute, but oh well - a nigga has been busy as hell.

Let's see - now that I'm hourly and not salary I've been given the great opportunity to continue to stack my, I worked 60 hours last week and I'm doing it again this week. Yup, that extra money looks good - even though I'm tired as hell and can't spend still looks good sitting in my account.

So much has happened last week - so much that I really can't remember. I vowed that I would write that stuff down cuz I like to refer to it for myself, but oh well...I forgot. I can say that right now, I'm laying my lazy ass in my bed typing this - and I'm sick. I think it's a cold or the flu (never knew how to tell the difference) - either way, I feel it going to stop me from working 12 hours tomorrow - oh hell no - I'll be there without any problem. I already made a trip to CVS and I'm stocked w/cold meds, BC (the best shit in the world - gets rid of your headache in less that 2 minutes), cough drops, and a few other I'm straight - oh, you know what I meant.

Oh, let's talk about my car. Now, I'm one of those people who are DEAD set against paying a car note. I simply refuse to do it - it's a trap. You buy a car at the current market value, then you pay the car note at the same market value when the car has long the time you're done paying the car off, it's worth a lot less than what you paid for it. My last car I got, I got it off ebay. I live for the shit! They even have motorist protection programs, so it becomes a bit safer in some aspects. I think I did luck up - but my car is a 94 ford t-bird. A classic! It's supercharged, v8 engine, dual exhaust - I love it. The engine runs absolutely beautifully. There's nothing internally wrong w/the's the other shit that's fucking up. Okay, like my driver's door - for like the last few months, you had to close it a certain way. Now, after months (I should have seen this coming) the door won't close at all. It won't stay closed.

Saturday, I was driving it to the auto body shop. Oh, this was some funny shit. I was holding the door closed from the outside. From someone else's view, it just looked like I was chilling while I was driving - but Lord knows, I was holding that door closed. I made a sharp right turn down one street and my door almost came flying open - whew, funny shit - for real. So, I'm thinking about this - for real. I'm thinking what do I do? Do I buy a new car? Or, just wait until I come back from New Jersey - cuz if I move over east, I hear there won't be a need for a least, that's what I'm, choices, choices, choices.

Now, onto the highlight of my weekend thus far. Dinner on Saturday! My friends and I are always up for the challenge of trying new our choice of the day was Japonais .

It was a wonderful spot. The atmosphere was really too eclectic to eat there. It was a nice mixture of french & japanese cuisine...something you'd never think to mix together. One of my friends was definitely more cultured in this area than we were, so we let him lead the chains here. He started out w/Miso - my other friend had the teryaki drummettes and I had some salad w/baby greens and a house vinagarette. The salad and chicken were delightful to say the least - that Miso soup - a damn fool. It had tofu running around in it - just wasn't my favorite choice of the night. So, onto entrees - my friend had chestnut chicken - my other friend had some kinda salmon - and I decided to go w/Kobe Prime Rib. Oh in between time we did have a round of sushi...spicy tuna, mahi mahi, etc. My first time w/that experience. Now, I'm not a fan of raw fish...I've always had it fried hard w/mild sauce or hot sauce - so this was a far reach for me - a reach that I wasn't going to try.

My other friend did try it - I watched his face the ENTIRE time as he chewed and swalloed the fish. He said it wasn't that bad, but he didn't want to try anymore. My other frined, the one who eats this shit all the time had nothing but compliments. Now, I did try the california rolls - it's vegetarian sushi - it looked bad, but guess what??? It tasted bad as well. Definitely something I won't be revisiting in this life time - sorry, but sushi and I don't mix - lol. Anyway, my entree was the highlight of the evening.

I was expecting good, but I got superior! My market priced marbled beef from Japan was excellent - for 65 dollars, it had better been - lol. Nah, but it was far more tastier than I expected - and the pomme frites where actually sweet potatoes moreso than regular russetts...a good twist onto the meal that fused the two cuisines. So, it was wonderful! This was a great experience - I think if I had a boyfriend, this would definitely be a date place where we'd go out on the town - it was worth in - except for that damn sushi - and between the three of us, our tab showed it - lol.

After dinner - that was it - my ass was at home in the bed...sleeping - tryin to get over this damn cold. Pray for me - lol...I'm suffering! I keep coughing and spitting up shit that's stuck in my throat (save all the cutty comments - know who u are).

I promise to write more...still mad @ Grayeye - but hey, I'm sure he doesn't care - lol.


Posted at Sunday, March 20, 2005 by JamieJ
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